Monday, June 10, 2013

Tip of the day- Significance of plants in home vastu

In our daily life dealing with plants, planting them, nurturing them, taking care of them is a therapeutic experience in itself as plants are a great source of positive energy.We can experience it ourselves especially if one is feeling dull, tired or stressed up. Plants and foliage can be used for the upliftment of energy of any area. For this lush green ferns with colored leaves, flowers may be planted all over in balconies, living space, on your desk, in study, bedrooms. Plants like lavender, rose ,palm help relieve stress and anxiety, you may place them in the east of your living room or workplace.

Tip of the day- for work place

Never provide any seating arrangement below the beams, like office table, reading table, working chair, sofa set etc. It hinders our concentration at work.